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At this point, we would like to extend to you an incredible offer. We’d like to run YouTube traffic to your site for free. You’ll just pay the YouTube fees.
We won’t try to hard sell you or chase after you. Spots really are limited. We are only taking 15 people through per month.
If you are spending in excess of 20K a month on PPC,  we’d like to show you what we can do for you and how we can produce incredible ROI.
And since we’re so confident in our results, why not remove all the risk and make this irresistible.
 We suspect that when our clients see their results they’re going to want to stick around and this will take up our time.
This is not a fake scarcity tactic. The Done For You Marketing Growth With You Tube is such a unique opportunity while the YouTube boycott is on that we knew we could be up front with you and let you know we are looking for long term clients.
If you have read this far, hopefully you get it. You know that we’re for real. You know that taking this step will change your business and life forever. And we want to work with people like you – who get it and are ready for a new way… 
Of course the details and logistics of the program will be covered on our call. So you know what you are getting yourself into here 🙂 and how it is going to change everything for you.
This call is not a sales call. It’s exploring how we will work together.
So we are being up front that we are looking for long term clients. We don’t believe we need to sell you into anything. Just a simple meeting of the minds to see that we are on the same page. If we can demonstrate that we can make you money, obviously you would want to work with us.
We know that by being up front with the concept that we are looking for long term clients we are going to lose out on people who make a quick score. 
We are looking for Quality over Quantity. We only want to work with the best people. So if that is you and this makes sense – lets get started!

Some Of Our Clients: